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  • Acquisition & Improvement Financing
  • Cash Out Financing
  • Sale Lease Back
  • Innovative Structures and Terms
  • 1031 Exchanges

sale lease back

  • Problem Debt Resolution
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Finance and Capital Structure
  • Sale of Excess Assets
  • Technical Assistance


Equipment Leasing Services and Accounts Receivable Financing

commercial real estate

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Allows banks and vendors without an in-house lease product to design their own private label experience for customers.

The bank or vendor retains their client and the income without the expense of additional staff.

  • Conversion of Equity to Cash
  • Increase Liquidity
  • Reduce Debt and Payments
  • Pursue New Opportunities
  • Retain Control of the Asset

  • Operating Leases
  • TRAC Lease
  • Equipment Rental
  • Sale Lease Back
  • Collateral Based Lease