Tax Savings
Operating Lease payments can be fully deductible when structured properly.

Flexible Options
When your lease expires, options include your ability to purchase the equipment, upgrade, or return the asset.

Fewer Limitations
No down payment, no mileage limitations, no hourly limitations for specific leases and qualified applicants.

Our equipment leasing advantage

Obtain equipment, including rentals, with more innovative terms and end of lease options with fewer restrictions with just one call.

Working Capital Preservation
Allows your cash flow and lines of credit to be dedicated to profit generating activities.

Liquidity Enhancement
Sale Lease back allows you to recapture your valuable equipment equity by converting it into available cash for other uses.

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GTE Financial Capital, LLC.
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Main Office

GTE Financial Capital

2626 Cole Ave., Suite 426

Dallas, TX  75204

(214) 625-2611