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Greg brings more than 30 years of Middle Market executive bank management, strategic planning, transaction structuring, risk management, credit approval, credit enhancement, operational efficiency, commercial, industrial, real estate, and energy banking, commercial leasing, and acquisition financing to the company. Greg has served in capacities, including Chief Credit Officer, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member and Shareholder of a $1.8 billion Texas based  commercial bank which was consistently ranked as a high performance bank (top 10%) by independent industry sources and federal regulators for over 20 years.  Greg holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and resides in Dallas, Texas.

Lisa Egan

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Greg Ochs

Lisa brings more than 20 years experience in operations management, business development, healthcare, financial services, and commercial insurance to the company. She has combined her background in psychology and business to develop valued client, vendor, and lending relationships. Lisa holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Business, and a Master of Science degree.

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